All these lies flying since yesterday all of una no get anything to do tor house abi leave Groovy alone .phyna wey see Groovy as god (worship him)will slap him nonsense. #GroovyMono𓃵 #BBNajia

@ChidinmaObiaju4 I thought they have broken up since? Why are we hearing the slap now ? Is well ooo. Na show they go ooo, they nor kill person

@MercyliteA I don’t care whether they are together or not but it’s all lies

@ChidinmaObiaju4 Make them dey play .no matteyhow phyna crase reach,once e reach groovy she turn cold water,na that person she wan slap? 😂 Hq dey ment for that lies she told on that space

@ChidinmaObiaju4 Worshipped him as god 🙄🙄🤦‍♀️are you serious she respected him do not mean she worship him God abeg ooo #Phyna𓃰

@ChidinmaObiaju4 Don't mind dem jare, the lies are just too much haba Phyna and groovy dat I have seen in reality, their height difference is crazy 🤣🤣where d slap want take come from sef 🤣🤣 Wo all of dem go dey alright las las oh, if d lies put food on dere table den dey should continue

@ChidinmaObiaju4 I can't believe and will never believe those lies