I’m tired of letting my physical insecurities control me. Since coming off lockdown last year I’ve made tremendous progress in and out of the gym and I’m going to be nicer to myself.

@WillPow3red I'm in the same boat I gained a bunch of weight during lockdown and have been really hard on myself trying to get back in a position to feel good about my body. You got this!

@CasterChaz I've been a PT for about 7 years now, my fitness journey started about 10 years ago. Lockdown had me gain 30lbs, I lost most of it and now I'm sitting a lot more comfortably and am priming to do a bodybuilding competition soon---

@CasterChaz Understanding where you are now from where you were, is so vital to self love, I'm really trying to be thankful for my determination and consistency.

@WillPow3red I don't think I'd ever be dedicated enough to body build competitively. You have the motivation, the drive, and unfortunately building it back sucks as you get older. I'm almost 36 and I want to keep going as hard as I can so I can try and keep it as I age.

@CasterChaz Absolutely! The quicker you start, the easier it is to keep up those habits and invest in your body long term. I tell people all the time that fitness is more than going to the gym 5 days a week, it looks different to everyone.

@CasterChaz So if hiking...or rock climbing, etc motivates you to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle. A-fucking-men