JUST IN: South Carolina judge temporarily blocks the state's new law banning most abortions after about six weeks cnn.it/43vreT8

BREAKING: Robert Kennedy Jr. claims that a “Weaponized” FBI tried to destroy a sitting President through a “matrix of lies”.

@CNNPolitics RFK BACKS UP TRUMP! 😱🤯👏🇺🇸🍿👇

@CNNPolitics @cnnbrk I think the judge should reconsider his initial verdict on that abortion case.

@CNNPolitics @cnnbrk Republican plan is good and fair, it needs to get passed so economy can stabilize, making both parties look better. In the real world Americans are hurting and losing jobs. A few bags of groceries is over $100. There is a drug epidemic KILLING over 125K young people a year.…

@CNNPolitics @cnnbrk At six weeks, I would guess that most women are unaware they are pregnant.

@CNNPolitics @cnnbrk The judge should, in my opinion, reevaluate his earlier decision in that abortion case.

@CNNPolitics @cnnbrk Birth control for Men? When will that become a thing?

@CNNPolitics @cnnbrk Humanitarian Crisis at the Turkey-Bulgaria border youtu.be/Jrs9gbssaHQ via @YouTube Innocent Ahmadi Religion refugees seek asylum legally at the Turkish-Bulgarian border. Turkish police break international law by brutally treating and denying them entry.