We’ll see you tomorrow morning, @AleSmithBrewing! Our man @tonygwynnjr will check in from NYC at 6:35am, @Padres AJ Preller joins at 7:35am for The Management Report, and @619sports will be with us live in the 8am hour! We start at 6am on @973TheFanSD! 🤎💛

@BenAndWoods @AleSmithBrewing @tonygwynnjr @Padres @619sports @973TheFanSD Dear Ben Woods, Thank you for hosting such a great event. Among the "food" options, will there be any bananas? I'll take your response of the air. Thank you kindly.

@BenAndWoods @AleSmithBrewing @tonygwynnjr @Padres @619sports @973TheFanSD We're gonna get Ben to commit to dining at the Fancy Dog Restaurant, right??? 😉

@BenAndWoods @AleSmithBrewing @tonygwynnjr @Padres @619sports @973TheFanSD Let’s freaking gooooo!! Was gonna call in and fly out but I have no days left 😂😂