I was born in lagos. I’m not from Igbo but I feel sad for them. If you don’t want them to rule 🇳🇬 give them their country. It’s embarrassing at this point, the hate is too much on them🥲🥲🥲 free them🥲🥲#ElectionDay #BBNajia #BBTitans

@BeckyOkojie1 Feeling same here . It's not fare ,soooo bad. That's y i didn't go out today I can't be maltreated in my own country never

@BeckyOkojie1 They don't want us, they won't let us go. Wetin igbo do hausa and yoruba🥹. I didn't bother going out

@BeckyOkojie1 There's nothing like hates and the if you say there is then it's mutual. You can not get involved in people way of life, culture and politics. That the Yorubas are accomodating doesn't mean over step your boundaries. They won try 5hat with the Hausa Fulanis.

@BeckyOkojie1 Victim FC's So because yorubas are accomodating means they should be taken for granted? Una agenda no go work 😑