Michelle and I were saddened to learn about the passing of Bob Zimmer, the 13th President of the University of Chicago.  Bob was a visionary leader and one the most influential university presidents in the country. During his time at the University of Chicago, he built upon its… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Bob was also a fierce advocate for the Obama Presidential Center, believing that it would be transformative for young folks on the South Side. His commitment helped inspire us to build the Center there. We’re deeply grateful for Bob’s remarkable service to a university and a… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

@BarackObama I spent a few days at the University of Chicago at a work conference in 2017. School of Public Policy or Law School, I believe. It was a transformational location...really opened your eyes to yourself and the world around you. RIP Bob.

@BarackObama @BarackObama We’re deeply grateful for Bob’s remarkable service to a university and a city that he loved so much. His commitment to young people and their education helped inspire us to build the Obama Presidential Center on the South Side.

@BarackObama Big corrupt elitist, stick together till the end. Money, power and greed corrupts a man’s soul.

@BarackObama Did he agree that #Chicago would become one of the deadliest cities in the USA?

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@BarackObama What happen to the money from the sale of the US uranium Hillary Clinton received $150 million to her crooked foundation but what happen to the money from the transaction and how much did you get The uranium belonged to the American people not you or Clinton's foundation FJB&U