In Working: What We Do All Day, I sat down with Luke to hear about his work, listen to some of his tracks, and discuss the life he wants for himself. You can watch this conversation and more in this new series now on Netflix.

@BarackObama Hey Barack! You're the single greatest American since Jesus Christ!

@BarackObama Just be a president again to save the US 🚀🌈

@BarackObama I won't spoil it for me by watching it, but I do have it in my list of things to watch. Looks interesting. Your social talents are Olympic quality.

@kick_rocks__ @BarackObama It's -Less Than- a 105seconds long. Watch it -Now- . . . b4 it "melts into yesterday,&DISAPPEARS". It will be worth ur while, I PROMISE. 🎙🎙🎙 #BARACKFOREVER 🌠 🌠 🌠 🌠 🌠

@BarackObama 🎥👏 Excited to watch this series, @BarackObama ! It's inspiring to see the stories of everyday people and their passions. Looking forward to hearing Luke's tracks and his journey. 🎵😊

@BarackObama Saw this last night and the levels in this made me kinda sad. Like the bottom tier shouldn't even exist unless it's folks sending money home to a country where the dollar is worth 4-5x. The middle tier in Working, is like, the lowest it should go. Should be dubbed: Poor……