As a college student, I was inspired by Studs Terkel’s book, Working, which chronicled what ordinary people did for a living. Working: What We Do All Day from @HGMedia is a new series that builds on that idea – sharing the stories of people from different walks of life, and……

I enjoyed meeting these folks and hearing their stories about work. Take a look at this preview, and watch Working: What We Do All Day now on Netflix.

@BarackObama Any WHITE folks work there, or was that filmed at the main office of the United Negro College fund?

@BarackObama Folks? …..1940 called and wants their colloquialism back

@BarackObama That must be the best lunch filled with warmth, respect and gratitude 💕

@BarackObama Trump would stop in the kitchen workers in his hotels and pass out $100 "keep up the good work" bills. Do you have a identity crisis measuring Trump to you. I think. My feeling. With all due respect Mr Barack you are I think the best orator.

@BarackObama The way Angie calls @BarackObama Mr president, really hit me high 😅👌🤩😍 The way Barack Obama is surrounded by black staff members is amazing It raises my questions clearly