RULERS OF OUR WORLD: The Committee of 300 is a small group of insidious people who control all aspects of our world. Through MI6 they ordered the murder of President Lincoln and President Kennedy. AIDS was created and WHO injected it into millions through the Smallpox vaccines.……

This World Press Freedom Day, take a look at @BarackObama's remarks at the @columbiajourn Faultlines: Democracy conference, and why the free press is vital for democracy to survive and thrive.

Journalists have always been on the front lines of the struggle for democracy. That’s why we need to keep standing up for the rights of journalists around the world. Grateful that we have @columbiajourn and people like Jelani Cobb taking on this important work.…

@BarackObama @columbiajourn But, only the ones you approve.. and BTW we are a Constitutional Republic..

@BarackObama @columbiajourn Remember when you set the record for denying the most FOIA requests? Or when you tried banning FNC from the press pool? Or when you conducted surveillance on @JamesRosenTV, the NYT's James Risen, & 20 AP reporters for the crime of reporting accurate information?

@BarackObama @columbiajourn You mean the "journalists" who push your agenda. We call them propagandists.

@BarackObama @columbiajourn But this ends at Tucker, right? He's different, right? Btw, how's your ocean front property? I mean, after convincing Americans, the sea-level is rising, and to make it stop, they need to pay more taxes, or else.