The vicious, unjustified beating of Tyre Nichols and his ultimate death at the hands of five Memphis police officers is just the latest, painful reminder of how far America still has to go in fixing how we police our streets.

Along with mourning Tyre and supporting his family, it’s up to all of us to mobilize for lasting change. To learn more about how communities can reimagine public safety to prevent both crime and injustice, go to….

@BarackObama @joncoopertweets Those 5+ Memphis police officers will be in prison a long long time and they know it

@BarackObama @joncoopertweets The beating was ruthless & evil! But leaving him to die without urgently attending to his critical condition was despicable & completely indefensible! for all that were present at this treacherous bloodbath & did they nothing to help! Shame on their supervisors for allowing this

@BarackObama @JoelVinette Love this picture this is so sad🥲🥲🥲🥲

@BarackObama You can’t help from Martha’s Vineyard!