Last fall, visual artist Adam Davis captured tintype photos of the descendants of Africatown during the premiere of the @HGMedia documentary Descendant. He recently took one of me, too. These photos were inspired by the images taken of a Clotilda survivor, Cudjoe Lewis.

If you haven't already, I hope you’ll take some time to watch Descendant on @netflix. It's an important documentary that shares the story of the descendants of the Clotilda, the last known ship carrying enslaved folks from Africa, as they uncover the truth about the past.

@BarackObama @HGMedia @questlove A couple of these photos (as well as yours, sir) look like people I know. I really like how yours turned out!

@BarackObama @HGMedia @questlove If due to the enslaved foundation, people have "what" and "what if" in the subconscious, it's a lot of pressure to deal with. And if it's there I wish people could experience a life without it too.

@BarackObama @HGMedia @questlove No it’s not you baby. When is your African Freedom Tour 2023 going to begin. I am told you are going to set your people free! When?Please let us know O🙏

@BarackObama @HGMedia @questlove Beautiful but I can't help but wonder if @joerogan is mad somewhere about why there isn't an Americatown also.

@BarackObama @questlove @HGMedia The only picture we should be seeing of Obama is of him behind bars.

It's appalling when US Taxpayers are forced to carry the costs of government operations such as NSA Washingtons B-Side ,B22/B223 in which discrimination against disabled Vets, staff over 50, males, and black/brown skinned staff, is blatant and the norm.…