"The time is NOW to order your season tickets for next fall." 🗣️ @CoachFick 🔗go.wisc.edu/s1zn7n #OnWisconsin

@BadgerFootball @CoachFick This season is going to take forever to come ! I can not wait !!! #ONWISCONSIN

@BadgerFootball @CoachFick I ordered mine for the first time about 2 months ago. How could I do that if they weren't available until now?

@BadgerFootball @UWBadgers @CoachFick When is the spring game and we need to make it a MUCH bigger deal in WI!! @CoachFick @BadgerFootball

@BadgerFootball @CoachFick Season ticket holders since 1993! Already counting down!!

@BadgerFootball @CoachFick I tried to buy season tickets & it said was there only tickets left were up in the upper corner nosebleeds. It also mentioned that there are upgraded tickets available, but I couldn't figure out where to buy them. If you could help me navigate that I'd appreciate it. Go Badgers!

@JB_UWis_STL_JEW @CoachFick Hi! Feel free to send us a direct message and someone on our ticketing team would be happy to reach out and explain the process fully.