DEPRESSION IS REAL 😥🥺, CHECK ON YOUR QUIET FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS 😫😫 is excited to host Bill Gates in an exclusive conversation for the virtual audience next Thursday, November 17, 2022, to discuss food security and climate change in #Africa. Don't miss:… #Foodsecurity

@Africa_com Africa has more gold, more diamonds, more mineral wealth, more oil than anywhere on earth. They don't need money or Bill Gates, they need to obey God.

@Africa_com @BillGates @BillGates my role model please keep doing your good work and set a good example for me and other teens out there

@Africa_com @BillGates What impact have you made in Nigeria, Let me supervise and see if truly you love africa

@Africa_com @BillGates You & your buddies are responsible for climate change. You blame us and want us to eat bugs 😂 310 million computers/laptops were shipped around the world in 2022. Imagine the amount of waste you have contributed to over the years. Hypocrite.