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Biden: Trump talks the talk. We walk the walk! He likes to say America is a failing nation. He doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. I see shovels in the ground, cranes in the sky, people hard at work rebuilding America together

@Acyn Now this is the President Biden I enjoy. When he fights back with facts.

@Acyn Just more lies. Real estate developers can’t make numbers work because financing is too expensive. The only cranes in the sky are jobs already financed with rates obtained several months ago. There are no new shovel ready projects recently financed

@Acyn The number of roads in my state of Maryland being repaired/replaced is amazing. The potholes are gone. Intersections have been improved. I’m so thankful to @POTUS @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @SecretaryPete

@Acyn IDK if walking the walk, but certainly stumble the stumble.

@Acyn •Gas still higher than it was. •Debt $6.948 trillion higher since Biden •Real wages relatively flat •Groceries still at peak pricing. • 4 huge start-ups now bankrupt or closed • 51% of eligible workers aren't working • 47.1% of eligible workers have left the workforce

@Acyn Biden can’t even walk but he sure can shuffle lol 😂

@Acyn Where’s his crayons and Que cards 😂😂😂