Wow this interview is a disaster for Comer

@Acyn That’s mainly because Comer is a disaster. As politician, strategist, investigator and most importantly: human.

@Acyn Indicted to protect him? Yeah…so that kind of logic explains why some people end up committing a felony to avoid being charged with a misdemeanor.

@Acyn That is a giant stretch for James Comer’s tubby little arms! So let me get this straight; if the DOJ doesn’t indict Hunter Biden, they are “protecting him”. But now that the DOJ HAS indicted Hunter Biden, they are…wait for it-“protecting him”. You can’t make this stuff up.

@Acyn James Comer makes Jim Jordan seem like a Nobel prize winner. Dumb AF. Every time he goes on television, he makes a complete fool of himself. He twists himself into unimaginable pretzels in order to make a halfway coherent point. Yet, he still doesn’t make any sense.

@Acyn Comer is deplorable scum. The conspiracies just don’t stop even at zero evidence but you can’t get these same Republicans to call out one bad thing on Trump. The GOP Party is a complete failure and based on their constant devious malicious actions they have no plans to stop.

@Acyn His only evidence has been debunked. Note when Hollywood wants to depict a lying con, they use that same used car salesman type accent.